(“Choose Your Own” is an opportunity to write your own caption, since you’re quite clever. Check back later to read other readers’ attempts.)

“Choose Your Own #25”
March 14th, 2009

5 Responses to “Choose Your Own #25”

  1. David

    Alan discovered Sparky’s eyes and tongue popped out when he squeezed really hard

  2. mino5

    Chinese Menu

    ˝You know I love you, Sparky, but we have to eat something.˝

  3. people who sexually abuse animals rarely stop there. this has been a public service announcement.

  4. Jesse

    Adam discovered he wanted to he a wig maker the day he began to shave his hair and glue it onto Sparky’s back.

  5. kate

    Ralphie weighed the pros and cons of retrieving his pet lizard from ‘Barfy’.

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