“Choose Your Own #26”
April 29th, 2009

8 Responses to “Choose Your Own #26”

  1. Patrick O'Riley

    Jordan recalled hearing once that an alligator could float, but a stegosaurus could not, and decided to answer the question for himself… once and for all.

  2. Mythbuster #427: Dinosaurs became extinct because, with tiny forelimbs, they were unable to remove sand and dirt from their eyes. Thus blinded, they were unable to find food, and starved to death.

  3. Jesse

    Derick the Dino had life long dreams of singing in the Opera, but the only animals he had ever heard of succeeding at this was a whale and a human. The whale was in fact just dreaming too and ended up dead on account of it.

  4. Stevie Stegosaurus saw the dying whale and screamed for days upon days, then died a miserable Jurassic death, which was the norm in those days.

  5. Bobbo

    OO-OO! Look Mom, I’m a monkey!

  6. David

    Where is the whale?

  7. Jesse

    The whale is in an old classic Disney cartoon where he becomes a famous opera singer. Then he get harpooned. It will make you cry… but then they show him singing in heaven so it must be ok.

  8. And for my next act, I can swim, too. Evolution, beaches!

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