“Fast track to deliciousness.”
February 5th, 2009

One Response to “Fast track to deliciousness.”

  1. Jesse

    what’s going on? are you being sponsored by Kraft® Macaroni & Cheese Dinners?

    – i learned that holding down option and type letters and numbers it give you symbols!
    ˆ †˙ˆ˜˚© †˙冠ˆ† ˆ∆¨† ∂å˜∂¥ å˜∂ ˆ ∑ˆ¬¬ ˚´´π ¨ˆ© †˙´µ¡
    ˜ø∑ ˆ ç嘠†¥π´ ˚®¥π†ø©®åµ.

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