January 6th, 2009

4 Responses to “Discipleship”

  1. Jesse

    I don’t get it. Will there be an empty tomb? Is a missing Jesus what you are going for here?

  2. @Jesse:

    Director: “When I say ‘action,” the stone is rolled from the tomb. Lights, camera, ACTION!’

    #1 is to push the rock, #2 is to pull. Both push. The rock stays put. The women never see that Jesus isn’t there, so the disciples are never notified, and that’s it. Easter never happens. Boom: end of Christianity.

    Director: “Cut!”

  3. Jesse

    totally didn’t read that much into it…. i wonder how many of your other treatloafs that has also happened to me with :\

  4. Actually, it happens to me all the time…

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