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The Untouchables

Delicious scabs

Plowmen dig my earth

Epson Alfredo

A capella bloodthirst

Genetic Irrelevance


Treatloaf readers voted overwhelming in the previous poll. Apparently, the following image will scare the crap out of seven people.

Choose Your Own #20

Much ado about fragments.

If it doesn’t say “invisible” on the side, it’s not the real thing.

Anita Dentist!

Suppository writing

You know what they say about big hands…

Rhyme all the time

Tiny Grenades

And now my poor meatball…


Gotta have his pops.

Signed, sealed, delivered

Always Wear Goggles


Zero Hour

Squaw get firefood.

Inappropriate Clip Art Pairing #1

Holding It In