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Good Vibrations

Have You Been Served?

Soggy Bottom Girls

Probably full of juice

Who’s the Jerk…?


Bedtime Stories for Freaks

For What It’s Worth

Silence of the Trans.

Vertically Stacked Chips

Mo’ Hair


Suspended Disbelief

In Front of Grandma’s Mirror

Smarter Than Lightning

Don’t Look at Bunny

Choose Your Own #16

“Choose Your Own” Treatloaves are your opportunity to be the funny one. Leave a comment with your funny caption. It doesn’t have to be funny, but that’s generally been the pattern. Come back later and see what everybody else submitted. (And don’t forget to check back on the old ones!)

The definition of beauty.

Bovine, but not local.

Four out of four Treatloaf readers use an incandescent reading lamp more frequently than a toaster, vacuum, radio, electric blanket, or air conditioner.

How often do you brush your teeth?

A Sign of Happiness

Sanitary Spit Valves

Not Ronald