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Treatloaf readers prefer the taste of cherry medicine. But, which appliance do they use most?

How Carrie Won the Race

While you sleep

Precious Bodily Fluids

Rorschach Hoagie

Not even Billy Mitchell

Stinging Sensation

Update: Treatloaf readers have voted overwhelmingly against centipedes. No centipedes could be found for comment (not that I would have stuck around to ask for one, anyway. Those things are gross).

Next: Which flavor of medicine is best?

Matthew 6:3

If You’re Happy and You Know it, Febrile Convulse

An Unexpected Cephalopod


All My G’s

Sweet Nectar

Don’t Touch My Clams

Choose Your Own #15

Arm Bears

Grandma’s Surprise

Treatloaf readers are a sick and twisted bunch: the best ending for a slip-n-slide is……unsuspecting people. (Needless to say, I’ll always be sure I’m suspecting.)

Next: which insect would you least like to find on your arm?

Now with real* meat

Yeah, but where’s the shoe?

Plus-size neckwear half off

More than one way to blow a horn

Contraptions for your head

An easier way to lose weight

More like “Regular” Night

There Will Be Blood


Update: the winner of the favorite word poll has been decided by a landslide. (More of a thick, craggy goopslide, actually.) Keep your eyes peeled for the treatloaf featuring the favorite.

Fresh poll: what’s at the end of a slip-and-slide of dreams?

Slow, deliberate motions.

Note to the masses: it’s a tie between “plop” and “kerplunk.” Both, as you very well know, are sounds that can be heard when dropping something. You might say they’re both “sounds of droppings.” Anyway, a tie is unacceptable. Please cast another vote….even if you’ve already cheated and voted thrice. The winner will be decided tomorrow at midnight.