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Fashionably delicious

Objects may be larger than you think.

Where do you want it squirted?

Unicorns of the sea

Mixed breeding

From the machines.

Is she just happy to see me?

How to hit the high C’s

Seeking warm friendship

Vitreous Fluidity

You’ll have a great fall.

You’re never alone.

Horns for Hire

Choose Your Own #14

The Big Bang

I’m not ashamed of my baskets.

Root beer should not be served with ice.

Why is the beach such a great place to eat? Because of all the sandwiches there. Coming in at three votes (one absentee ballot), the beach takes the prize. Feel free to continue enjoying that sandwich alone in a quiet room, whoever you are.

Next: which word sounds the funniest? The winning word will be featured in an upcoming Treatloaf. (You’ll have to look for it, because I’m not telling when or where or how.)

For those of you wondering why you sometimes can’t vote, you’ll find this is no longer an issue.

Margin of the Species


Just Feeling Well






Winning a grand total of two votes, the best movie goes to “Jurassic Park.”
Cast your vote for the best place to eat a sandwich.